Our Story

The Levant Supply Chain Network (LSCN) is a CSR initiative by Saber Middle East, established to provide newbies and experts with access to the best of Supply Chain know – how, education, training and seminars.
LSCN aims to empower its members with the capability, commitment and confidence to drive greater positive impact on business performance through:

  • Raising the overall standards of all industries on end to end supply chain
  • Creating a new benchmark of the highest quality supply chains and operations standard across our community
  • Encouraging the free exchange of knowledge and skills relating to supply chain within the organizations
  • Providing all members an opportunity to network among each other and help facilitate an overall efficient profit-making environment
  • Sharing information and statistical data relating to various aspects of supply chain industry
  • Conducting training courses, seminars, conferences and studies revolving around supply chain
  • Forming a library and research center relating this field to expand the knowledge base