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    • Membership Application: Application form (including payment terms) must be properly completed. No application will be accepted until clearance of relevant check and/or appropriate payment process is completed.
    • Fees: Members must pay a subscription fee for each year’s membership. LSCN reserves the right to vary the amount of subscription fees at any time. Members will be given not less than 28 days notice of any proposed change and/or increase. A member is not obliged to renew his membership.
    • Joining Fees: In addition to the subscription fee, members may pay a one-off joining fee on the date of acceptance of membership.
    • Payment Terms: Initial payment comprising joining fee and annual subscription fee shall be due and payable on the date of acceptance of membership.
    • Transfer of Membership: Membership may be transferred if approved by the LSCN Admin (for a nominal fee)
    • Termination of Membership: LSCN reserves the right to cancel or suspend membership at any time in the following circumstances:
      • If a member commits a serious or repeated breach of these terms and conditions
      • If any part of a membership fee due by a member is not paid within 15 days after its due date for payment
      • If a member provides us with false details when applying for membership and the false declaration would have reasonably affected our decision to grant membership to that member.
    • If LSCN terminates this agreement for any of the above reasons, LSCN reserves the right to retain all monies that a member has paid under this agreement.
    • Changing Membership: Members can change their type and/or level of membership, subject to LSCN consent and payment of applicable fees.
    • Disclosure: LSCN reserves the right to disclose the names of its members (including corporates) as it deems necessary for marketing or any other purpose

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